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深圳风采开奖号码 Software is changing the world, and our mission is to help progressive software development teams adopt new technologies and practices. InfoQ provides software engineers with the opportunity to share experiences gained using innovator and early adopter stage techniques and technologies with the wider industry. We carefully curate and peer review everything we publish. We strongly believe that the high quality insights, offered by both our editors and other contributors, have the power to uplift entire communities, no matter what their native language. InfoQ currently offers content in English, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese and French.

Senior software developers rely on the www.ljvch.cnmunity to keep ahead of the adoption curve. Our community editors aim to ensure that our readers never miss out on important trends. One of the main reasons software architects and engineers tell us they keep coming back to InfoQ is because they trust the information provided and selected by their peers.

Stay ahead of the adoption curve

We aim to spot emerging trends in software development that we believe have broad applicability and make our audience aware of them early.

Since we started publishing in 2006, InfoQ has witnessed and reported on various trends in software development that have passed from the innovator stage to being widely adopted. We were among the first sites to report on the Agile movement, and later followed with Cloud, Containers, DevOps and Microservices.

In 2014, we began rampining up our coverage of data science and machine learning on the same basis; Machine Learning is an area that we feel offers a clear competitive advantage in many different fields for the businesses that use it effectively.

InfoQ clarifies its vision releasing its editorial coverage for 2017

Technology Adoption Curve

During this accelerating journey,
we have gathered a strong and
passionate community around the site.

InfoQ has over 1,200,000 monthly readers.

Industry Leaders
  • Industry leaders such as:
  • Dianne Marsh - Director of Engineering at Netflix
  • Randy Shoup - CTO, KIXEYE; previously Director of Engineering, Google App Engine
  • Adrian Cockcroft - VP of Cloud Architecture at AWS
  • Brian Goetz - Java Language Architect at Oracle
  • Martin Thompson - is both following and writing for InfoQ.
68% architects

Over 68% of our readers self identify themselves as architects.

Content written by software engineers/Professional developers over professional writers

InfoQ’s editorial team is made out of software engineers who are constantly pushing the barrier of innovation one step further in their professional lives. The community is about sharing knowledge and experience between people who direct innovation and change in software.

We think that the story is best told developer to developer, architect to architect, and team lead to team lead.

Instead of hiring journalists, InfoQ seeks out engineers and practitioners and provides them with training and support to help them express their expertise. On both the site and at our events, we work hard to create an inclusive, diverse and conscientious community where of all our readers and attendees feel welcome and respected.

For our writers and speakers we favor:

Engineers over Evangelists

Practitioners over Trainers/Coaches

Tech Leads over Consultants

That is, while there is value in the people on the right, we value the people on the left more.

InfoQ Coverage

I attribute InfoQ a primary factor to my success throughout years. InfoQ has provided me with the insight, knowledge, and confidence to drive new technical paths and pave the way for next generations of technology, culture, and management. Leveraging information provided by people in-the-trenches gives extra validity content that we can execute on. I enjoying reading about the next theoretical practice from other places, but when it comes down to it, I need to get stuff done, and InfoQ provides me with that opportunity.

Adam CoxAdam CoxBuildmaster and Software Architect California

InfoQ has been indispensible to me over the years. The cutting-edge, yet practical information from experienced software engineers, project leads and other senior technology managers has allowed me to maintain an "ear to the rail" for important technical and technical management trends. There's always valuable lessons learned from the empirical results of leading engineers on their tests and trials. And there's plenty of fascinating, thought-provoking ideas from the technology managers and change management merchants interviewed on InfoQ. The useful-content density of InfoQ is extremely high and has been a valuable resource for me.

Adam CoxFrank GrecoTech Strategist

Mike KriegerCo-founder & CTO @ Instagram

Being an InfoQ Reader

As an InfoQ reader, you get access to unbiased information. InfoQ is paid for by advertising. However, we give up minimal screen real-estate to advertising, we don’t do any disguised (“native") advertising, and we don’t use 3rd party ad networks like Google.

We apply rigorous editorial standards to the adverts that we do run, and we operate a strict church and state separation between the advertising and content teams.We also only work with companies who have products that we believe are of interest to our readers and we serve ads contextually based on the content you are browsing - so in other words, we try and show you an advert relevant to your interests without having to track you to do that.

Our Readers

The www.ljvch.cnmunity

Once you start reading InfoQ, you become part of an open community where peer feedback is encouraged. Our content is free and accessible to anyone no matter where you come from. The same is true for joining our editorial team.

Almost all our editors started out as InfoQ readers, so you can be an editor too. We work hard, with both our readers and our editors, to encourage them to feel responsibility for all the content on InfoQ, not just the content that they themselves produce.

A better InfoQ crafted for you

The InfoQ product team is always on the lookout for better, optimized ways to give you access to our content. 60% of our time is dedicated to Research & Development. One of the most recent and important initiatives will help you deal with the information overload vs time constraint pressure.

You will be able to choose the content that you want to see without missing out on important trends that you should be aware of. This special recipe will optimize both your time and the information you get.

Let us know how we can be even better

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