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Trisha Gee has developed Java applications for a range of industries, including finance, manufacturing, technology, open source and non-profit, for companies of all sizes. She has expertise in Java high performance systems, and is passionate about enabling developer productivity. She is a leader of the Sevilla Java User Group, a key member of the London Java Community and a Java Champion.

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Jul 03, 2018

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Community comments

  • Kotlin?

    by Jeremiah Adams /

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    Kotlin may reduce boiler plate, but also locks me into Intellij specific language. It is a tough sell to stake holders to chose language based on lack of boiler plate. Reason? Finding talent and maintaining a codebase for years.

    Also, a mention of Project Lombok makes sense when discussing boiler plate code.

  • Re: Kotlin?

    by William Smith /

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    Kotlin is open source, on GitHub and licenses under Apache 2.

    It's also supported in Eclipse etc.

    So I'm not sure that the argument that this locks you in to JetBrains really holds water.

  • Re: Kotlin?

    by Trisha Gee /

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    Kotlin has seen a lot of success in the Android world, probably because previously they were stuck with Java 6. It's definitely picking up elsewhere as well too though, especially since there's support for it in Spring and other well-used frameworks.

    Agree that Lombok is worth mentioning, but it's really just a patch over some of Java's uglier bits. The goal here was to look at the core of a language, not look at libraries or frameworks.

    I'm still a big fan of Java though personally, I just find I have to apologise for a lot of it to people who have been using other languages!

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